Is the Revolution in sight?

Is the Revolution in sight?
looks like the barge may be lifting off a sand bar...

July 5, 2009

besieged tegucigalpa one day after the 4th of July, a poem by andrew taylor, who is a son of The Americas

where o where
is the brave
the new United
states of the americas?

Sing the evening birds
in Tegucigalpa

cry the workers
of Honduras

shout the women militants

say the officious apprentices and clerks

whisper the old men in corners...

thousands, thousands
marched to greet
the one
they’d elected
people’s president
Zelaya !Zelaya !
Viva Zelaya ! !

thousands, thousands
marched towards Toncontin airport
with a gallant desire

cut down
passionless bullets
triggered by experts,

became blood-baptized fountains,
became the holy martyr-comrades
for the redemption of new Honduras

Zelaya !Zelaya !
Viva Zelaya ! !

O where o where
Is the audacious new brave
president of the United
states of Hope
of Change !?

(hear the world, hear history, it is shouting out...)

floating above besieged tegucigalpa

so also sing
the new white robed martyrs
the ecstatic, unconsoled angels
of beseiged tegucigalpa

recently shot dead
hit in the head
by gangster Junta gunfire
from inside the airport
as the people rocked a security fence

the report says
where hope is dying
in tegucigalpa

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